Megan Humphreys

Founder and Managing Partner

Megan is an expert communicator, storyteller and strategist who is driven by the desire to create a behavioral change in society through communication. She is passionate about using her expertise to advance client goals and share their story.

Previously, Megan was the Director of Brand Management and Marketing Communications at Pfenex, Inc., a biotechnology and biosimilars company located in San Diego, CA. Prior to joining Pfenex, Megan was a Vice President, Communications, at McBee Strategic (now Signal Group), where she managed several of the agencies largest clients including several across the health care and energy space. Throughout her career, Megan has specialized in helping clients navigate complex, highly regulated environments. She has counseled clients through major national crises, media trained Fortune 500 executives, and created national, integrated campaigns.

Throughout her career, Megan has functioned as an expert counselor to her clients on communications response strategy, overseeing the launch of major corporate initiatives, advertising campaigns, and products, as well as managing crisis response teams across the United States.

In 2017, Megan founded Convé Communications, allowing her to bring together her background in public relations and grassroots public affairs to build creative, dynamic campaigns on behalf of her clients.