Corinne Martin

Vice President

Corinne Martin is an experienced public affairs and communications professional. She has more than 12 years of experience working with public relations agencies, nonprofits, and local city government throughout the U.S. Her background includes creating and executing communications plans and driving campaigns with specific measurable outcomes, working with elected officials and executive staff to implement major initiatives, help with constituent needs, and manage social marketing efforts for a variety of clients.

Corinne brings a unique perspective to her projects, having worked with public and private sector clients as well as non-profit organizations. She applies her leadership skills through development of creative material and presentations to actively engage diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, advocacy groups, community leaders and the public at-large.

Most recently Corinne managed and supported several high-profile civic initiatives and major
infrastructure projects in Southern California, including the San Diego 250 celebration. With her
direction on social and traditional media the San Diego 250 initiative has garnered over 100 million media impressions.

In addition, Corinne has extensive experience in developing collateral and responding to constituent needs through her work in New York City as the Chief of Staff for a Deputy Commissioner. While there she was the co-chair of a multi-agency program to install water fountains throughout the city and assist in community participation. She has presented to diverse communities throughout the five boroughs of New York City and understands how to direct material and information to ethnically diverse communities.