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The Importance of Narrative Development

Monday, January 20, 2020

Building a successful brand is reliant upon a strong narrative. Your company has a unique perspective and story to tell, but are you telling it most effectively, or are you merely selling your service  

Every output from your organization, including your website, social media and content must be aligned to create a strong, strategic narrative that doesn’t just sell your service or product, but instead convinces your consumer that they cannot survive without you. Every company is unique, so every company’s message and content should be unique, as well. By creating a strong narrative, you can craft a story that is unique to your brand, your audience, your experience, and your expertise. 

Many organizations believe they have crafted a creative, compelling narrative, only to find that the story fails with consumers. This is where we usually step in. We help brands uncover what sets them apart, then use our expertise in communication and engagement to craft, then share their story.  

We first start with defining a narrative. Something that can be confusing for businesses is knowing the difference between your brand’s story and your brand’s narrative. A story is often told; it has a main focus and point to it, generally from one perspective. A narrative is infinite, open-ended, and invites an audience to participate with its recitation. The story is what draws the audience in, and the narrative is what keeps them there. A narrative encourages engagement, which builds trust and brand affinity. It keeps your audience, no matter your sector, returning for more. 

Strong narrative development, including a defined company tone, creates brand cohesion across all channels of communication. A solid narrative can create a memorable brand and that ultimately instills loyalty in current customers and regularly attracts new ones.   

Content that resonates, and more importantly, content that compels your audience to act is key for growing your business. A great narrative underscores every piece of content and can be felt through each social post, media placement and public appearance, no matter the audience.  

That’s where we come in – we’re narrative developers and message creators. We help brands tell their story. Discover what makes you unique and build a narrative that your audience can stand behind.