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Getting Creative: Pitching Media During a Pandemic

The best-told stories aren’t the stories you tell about yourself; the best-told are the stories told about you by others. Having an outside source discuss your company, product or campaign elevates your message.

Writing for SEO: Simple Ways to Rank Online

As communications professionals, we’re tasked with delivering messages across multiple channels. Writing for SEO and optimizing content to be found on those platforms is greatly important

How to Spot Misinformation [Infographic]

Misinformation isn't new, but the social media platforms for engaging with it are constantly changing and increasing in influence. Become a more savvy consumer of information when searching for news.

Communicating Beyond Crisis

From a strategic communications perspective, preserving the delicate balance between the current situation and future environment is critical to maintaining both brand footprint and visibility.

The Importance of Narrative Development

Building a successful brand is reliant upon a strong narrative. Your company has a unique perspective and story to tell, but are you telling it most effectively, or are you merely selling your service?

Types of Target Audiences

There are many types of target audiences for your business to address. Each one needs a different approach in order for your message to be effective.

PR and Marketing Trends 2020

As we move forward into 2020, here are the public relations and marketing trends Convé expects to see.

How to Elevate A Branded Social Media Presence

Most businesses recognize – even at the lowest level – the potential of social media. While posting occasionally on Facebook or creating a corporate LinkedIn profile is a start, it is a far cry from maximizing a brand’s capacity to engage with their audience. So how can a brand elevate its social media presence?